Aqua Air launches Africa’s first atmospheric water generating plant

JOHANNESBURG – Water technology company Aqua Air said on Monday it had launched Africa’s first atmospheric water generating plant in Pretoria aimed at tackling the critical scarcity of potable water in South Africa.

The plant, which is based in the old Ga-Rankuwa industrial zone, produces 10,000 litres of clean potable water from air daily and Aqua Air Africa plans to expand this to 100,000 litres, creating a sustainable water technology solution to address the country’s looming water shortage crisis.

“Environmental realities such as rising temperatures and scarce rainfall are having a severe impact on the availability of drinkable water, as is a lack of investment in water infrastructure and maintenance,” chief executive officer Keamogetswe Matsho said.

“However, water is a basic human right and we at Aqua Air Africa are proud to be at the forefront of securing this right for our people through our operations in Ga-Rankuwa.”

The country’s National Water and Sanitation Master Plan states that only 65 percent of South Africans have access to safe and reliable water services.