China now the world’s blueprint in terms of what the near future looks like

JOHANNESBURG – Much has been written about the uniqueness of 2020 and all the changes and uncertainties that have come with it. What started as a localised and isolated health scare, very soon spread to a global pandemic.

Despite fatality numbers being relatively modest as pandemics go, the uncertainty about the disease, and its transmission and propagation, caused an extreme leadership response.

Drastic mobility restrictions and a number of physical lockdowns led to economic outcomes not experienced in over a century. Countries, communities, and individuals faced circumstances that severely tested the fibre of our societies.

This process, however, is far from over. Now we have to focus on leadership because over the next few months, our futures will be determined by the decisions made by the people in power.

But before we look ahead, let’s reflect on how leadership decisions have impacted us recently: