Designers to collaborate with SME’s to create branding for their businesses

Lesley Waterkeyn, the CEO of Colourworks Photo: Facebook

DURBAN – A team of designers are helping upcoming SME’s in South Africa to kick-start their business by offering uniquely crafted logo and brand collateral for free.

The initiative is called 67 Logos Designathon.

Lesly Waterkeyn is the women behind this initiative and she is the founder and CEO of Colourworks, a marketing and events company.
Colourworks and their partner Designers Inks are looking to contribute towards the growth of entrepreneurs and sustained growth in a manner that is creative and meaningful .
The concept behind 67 Logos Designathon involves 67 designers creating 67 logos including mini-visual identity (consisting of logo variants, fonts and colours), a business card and email signatures. The logos will then be used for 67 small businesses in the country that are in desperate need of brand and marketing material in order to get their companies off the ground in the most professional way possible.
On Mandela Day 67 Logos overlook the handing over of R2 million of design work and brand collateral passed on to “high-impact” black entrepreneurs.
In order to get a logo designers will have to go online and apply for the opportunity.
After the SME’s have been chosen, the designers will meet with them to conceptualise and create the different logos for each small business.
This design development that has a big budget is sometimes unattainable for SME’s.
Waterkeyn said that the 67 logos project is their way of getting together successful small and medium businesses and corporates, many of which were also started by entrepreneurs, and assisting in a sustainable way.
The creative teams for Designers Ink and Colourworks are also calling on other designers to join and contribute to the project.
7 June 2018 is the closing date to apply for an opportunity at getting their own logo and min-visual identity.
Why is branding important for your business?
According to Mediaspace Solutions branding is important for small businesses because it increases the value of businesses, it gives employees direction and motivation and makes getting new customers much easier.
Here are the five reasons that branding is important for small businesses:
1. Branding creates trust
2. Branding improves recognition
3. Branding supports your marketing efforts
4. Branding motivates employees
5. Branding generates new revenue