Heatwave alert for Gauteng until Thursday

Tshwane emergency management services (EMS) has noted temperatures in areas such as Hammanskraal are expected to rise to 37ºC.

The SA Weather Service on Tuesday issued a heatwave advisory. It is forecast that the heatwave will persist until Thursday.

“We call on residents to be aware of adverse effects that may be caused by extended exposure to extreme heat conditions. This may include dehydration, heat exhaustion and, in severe circumstances, heat stroke,” said emergency services department spokesperson Charles Mabaso.

The department has advised residents to:

  • stay hydrated by drinking large amounts of water;
  • limit outdoor activities (especially during the hottest time of the day);
  • wear loose clothing and avoid dark clothing;
  • remain in the shade;
  • keep an eye on vulnerable people;
  • ensure children and animals are not left in parked vehicles; and
  • avoid strenuous physical activity.

Residents have been urged to be vigilant and immediately report fire or rescue incidents.

Source: businesslive.co.za