PODCAST | A changing tide for offshore assets: How to balance your portfolio

This year, significant market rotations are expected a result of growing inflation and interest rate pressure. 

Market triggers have been expedited by the Russia-Ukraine war, which continues to impair oil and wheat supply. Global inflation and interest rate pressures have increased, and the revival of China’s Covid-19 outbreaks has caused significant supply-chain disruptions. 

With inflation hitting record-breaking highs throughout the world, the main concern is how market players will keep their portfolios balanced.

In this podcast, hosted by business journalist Mudiwa Gavaza, Adriaan Pask, chief investment officer at PSG Wealth, shares his views on offshore assets in the changing investor landscape. Pask explains how offshore assets have an important role to play in diversifying a portfolio.

This article was paid for by PSG Wealth.

Source: businesslive.co.za