SA rallies behind TRSA as it ups the ante on banks’ ‘discrimination’

JOHANNESBURG – TransformRSA (TRSA) president Adil Nchabeleng on Sunday restated his assertion that a large number of black-owned businesses in South Africa were being sidelined from the government’s multibillion-rand stimulus funding.

In an interview with seasoned political journalist Sifiso Mahlangu on Galaxy Universal Network’s Politiki, Nchabeleng reiterated that the organisation would mobilise all affected business people and the global community to get the domestic banks to play ball.

“We are gathering massive numbers … complaints, numbers of people who are supporting the campaign … the amount of people who are going to come up with honest stories. Whether (the way the banks treated them) was fair or not would be tested at the Equality Court. We are going to have a legal suit to be launched locally and internationally like what the Afriforums have done to the black government. We are going to complain about the top five banks,” said Nchabeleng.


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