Strike by 500 000 security guards looms

PRIVATE security unions are demanding a salary adjustment to R7 500 for the lowest-paid category of Grade C officers. Itumeleng English African News Agency (ANA)
JOHANNESBURG – Mediation is all that stands between more than 500 000 workers and a looming strike in the private sector security industry after wage negotiations collapsed last week.

Parties failed to reach an amicable solution through negotiations, with employers saying workers’ demands were unrealistic. The national wage negotiation process started in August.

Mediation took place on Wednesday and Thursday, under the auspices of a neutral facilitator. Nine unions last week rejected the 5 percent salary offer presented by the South African National Security Employers’ Association and the Security Association of South Africa at the Bargaining Council for the Private Security Sector.

Employers offered an above-inflation increase of 5 percent for a Grade C security officer, with a rand or value equivalent increase for the higher level grades in each respective year for three years. 

Private security industry workers are demanding a salary adjustment to R7500 for the lowest-paid category of Grade C officers, R8000 for Grade B and R8500 for Grade A officers. Currently, security officers are paid R4377, R4981 and R5558, respectively.