Eskom blackouts to continue on Friday

Eskom is expected to continue with stage two rolling blackouts on Friday after the unscheduled shutdown of a number of units across the country earlier this week.

The power utility implemented stage four rolling blackouts on Thursday night – the highest level since stage six was implemented in the country in late June following Eskom workers’ unprotected strike.

Eskom has warned that it may implement rolling blackouts into the weekend.

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation last month about government’s efforts to reduce the level of rolling blackouts.

President Ramaphosa addresses the nation on SA’s energy crisis

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They include that people will soon be able to sell excess electricity generated from solar panels to Eskom and the scrapping of the 100 megawatt licence threshold for independent power producers.

In July, the President said skilled personnel are being sourced locally and from abroad, including former Eskom staff to help with generation issues at the power utility.

The President also added that additional generation capacity will also be urgently procured in the next three months from plants with excess of capacity.

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