Eskom: Investigation exonerates COO

An independent investigation has cleared Eskom’s chief operating officer, Jan Oberholzer of corruption, dishonesty, abuse of power.

The investigation, conducted by an unnamed senior counsel found that there was no evidence of wrongdoing after allegations sufficed that Oberholzer was a shareholder in construction group, Stefanutti Stock, which was part of a consortium that allegedly defrauded Eskom of close to R140 billion.

The senior counsel was asked to investigate by Eskom’s board to find see if there was any merit to the accusations. The investigation took place from 20 March 20, 2020 and the report was submitted to the Board on April 4, 2020.

Eskom said there was senior counsel conducted his investigation by interviewing witnesses, and reviewing the information and documentary evidence provided by the witnesses, including the complainant and other Eskom officials.

Despite an extensive investigation in the allegations  of dishonesty, corruption, conflict of interest and abuse of power levelled against the COO, Eskom says he could “find no wrongdoing in the process followed by Mr Oberholzer in this regard.”

With regard to the allegations of a conflict of interest regarding Stefanutti Stocks, the senior counsel found that proper disclosure had been made of Oberholzer’s shareholding in Stefanutti Stocks, and that “this is not a matter in which he should face a disciplinary hearing”.