Eskom reiterates urgent need for additional energy supply

Eskom has reiterated the urgent need of additional energy supply.

The Power Utility’s COO Jan Oberholzers says the current rolling blackouts are necessary due to multiple generation unit breakdowns at various power stations.

He was briefing the media earlier.

Eskom cites poor performance over the past week. It started rationing power in various stages from last week Monday. The rolling blackouts will be effected for the rest of the week. Eskom says this is due to multiple power generation unit failures.

Earlier, the power utility said  rolling blackouts will be reduced to stage 3 from 5am on Monday morning. It will be reduced to stage 2 from 5am on Tuesday, where it will remain until Friday.


In July, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a range of measures to fix Eskom and stave off further high levels of power blackouts in the future.

That came after South Africans were subjected to stage six blackouts amid an unprotected strike at Eskom.

Ramaphosa said skilled personnel are being sourced locally and from abroad, including former Eskom staff to help with generation issues at the power utility.

He also said additional generation capacity will also be urgently procured from plants with excess of capacity.

VIDEO: President Ramaphosa addressed the nation on plans to fix the country’s energy crisis.

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