Eskom set to brief media ‘on the way forward’ amid Stage 6 blackouts across SA

Eskom is expected to brief the media on Sunday morning amid Stage 6 rolling blackouts across South Africa.

“Eskom will hold a media briefing at 10:00 to update the public on the way forward,” says Eskom.

The power utility implemented Stage 6 on Sunday.

“Following the tripping of a generation unit each at Kusile and Kriel power stations, Stage 6 loadshedding was implemented effective 04:16. Eskom appeals to the public to help conserve electricity,” says Eskom in a statement early on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, five generating units at Kusile, Arnot and Camden, as well as two units at Duvha Power Station, broke down.

The power utility has warned that should any further breakdowns occur, higher stages  may be implemented at short notice.

Eskom is expected to brief the media in Sunday morning.

The situation could get worse

Energy Expert, Chris Yalland says if Eskom is not able to fix the power crisis, the situation could get worse.

“If we take a week or more to restart the network , to get things up and running again, first of all your cellphone will run flat and the towers have battries in them and they will run flat.Telecommunication stops. Banks, the ATMs will not function , the batteries would run flat, we wont be able to draw money. Pertrol will run out because petrol pumps will not be working,” says Yalland.

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