Eskom to provide update on system challenges amid rolling blackouts across SA

Eskom is on Monday expected to provide an update on the current system challenges amid rolling blackouts across South Africa.

The power utility reduced blackouts from Stage 4 to Stage 3 at 5 am on Monday. It plans to reduce blackouts to Stage 2 at 05:00
on Tuesday. Stage 2 is expected to remain in place until Friday.

The power utility implemented stage 4  rolling blackouts on Saturday after implementing stage 2 and stage 3 blackouts last week.

Distribution challenges

Eskom has attributed the latest wave of rolling blackouts to a slew of power generation and distribution challenges.

Eskom says it has made sufficient progress in recovering the emergency generation reserves. The power utility adds that it anticipates that the dam levels at the pumped storage schemes will be fully replenished.

While some generation units have returned to service, Eskom says the return of generation units will help ease generation capacity constraints.

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