Former ACSA Treasurer refuses to answer questions regarding invoices to Regiments Capital

Former Treasurer at Airports Company (ACSA) Phetolo Ramosebudi has refused to answer questions, at the State Capture Commission, regarding invoices he made to Regiments Capital requesting nearly half a million in payments for work he claimed to have done for Regiments in his personal capacity.

Earlier Ramosebudi conceded that he was the only person aware that Gupta-linked Regiments Capital would receive an irregular payment of R22-million for a financial instruments transaction between Standard Bank and ACSA. Below is an abstract of the Commission’s questions to Ramosebudi:

Q: “Do you recall sending this invoice to Regiments Capital?”

A: “I can’t recall Chairperson.”

Q: “Do you recall doing any actuarial and risk management consulting on behalf of Regiments Capital?”

A: “Chairperson, I’ve been advised by my lawyers not to respond on this one in case I incriminate myself.”

Ramosebudi worked for a number of state-owned entities including SAA, ACSA and Transnet.

State Capture Inquiry: 

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