Former Transnet CEO denies Guptas paid for his Dubai hotel stay

Former Transnet Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Siyabonga Gama has denied that the Guptas paid for his two nights’ stay at the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai in January 2016.

The State Capture Commission has heard that the leaked Gupta emails showed that Gama was appointed as Transnet’s permanent CEO two months after his stay in the hotel.

The emails revealed that a booking confirmation was emailed to Gupta-owned Sahara Systems CEO Ashu Chawla, who forwarded the reservation to Gupta family associate Salim Essa. Gama has confirmed meeting Essa during his stay at the Oberoi Hotel but denies that the Guptas paid for his stay.

Gama was responding to questions posed by senior counsel Advocate Anton Myburgh.

“And then over the page, you will see that you had been booked a deluxe suite, you see that?,” asks Myburgh.

“Yes,” answers Gama.

“If you go back to 335 what you see is that Mr Chawla also on the 20th of January forwards this reservation to an email address reading [email protected] and it’s your own testimony that Mr Essa assisted you in booking this accommodation,” says Myburgh.

State Capture Inquiry | Commission hears Transnet-related evidence: Siyabonga Gama

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