Fuel price drops

The fuel price has dropped by almost R2 per litre from midnight, although the nationwide lockdown means most motorists will not benefit from this immediately.

The price of all grades of petrol has decreased by between R1. 76 cents and R1. 94 cents per litre.

Motorists will also pay between R1.35 cents and R1. 41 cents less per litre for diesel. The price of Illuminating paraffin has decreased R1.88 cents per litre.

The massive cuts come as the world is knocked down by the global coronavirus pandemic, which has sent markets into a tailspin, while a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia saw oil prices crumble.

The fuel price adjustments do not include the general fuel levy which has gone by 16 cents per litre and the Road Accident Fund levy which has increased by 9 cents per litre with effect from Wednesday.

Source: SABC News (sabcnews.com)