Government prohibits sale of petrol, diesel in containers for consumers

Consumers will no longer be able to buy petrol and diesel in containers after government enacted the prohibition of such sales.

The Fuel Retailers Association has welcomed this decision, saying it has been flagging the sale of fuel in containers as a hazard.

It has given assurance that there are sufficient fuel reserves in the country.

However availability at some service stations, in hot spot areas that were hit by the violent looting, paints a different picture.

Ongoing civil unrest in some regions in South Africa have forced the Durban’s SAPREF refinery to temporarily shutdown.

Moving fuel via road tankers between Durban and Gauteng remains extremely risky, due to closures of the N3 highway.

Fuel Retailers Association CEO, Reggie Sibiya, says panic buying has also contributed to the problem.

The South African Petroleum Industry Association (Sapia) says the industry is monitoring the situation and notes that the safety of people is of the highest priority.

A number of retail service station sites have been reportedly damaged and set alight.

Sapia says operations at some facilities in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Mpumalanga have been suspended until the situation improves.

Collapse of the supply of all goods as a result of lootings:

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