Limpopo youth finds alternatives as unemployment soars

With levels of unemployment soaring, more and more young people in Limpopo are finding alternative means to make a living.

Selling fruits along the province’s busiest roads has become widespread. The young people say this is one of the best ways to keep hunger at bay.

Shumani Muswana (21) earns his living, selling fruits along one of South Africa’s longest roads, the N1. Muswana mainly targets motorists from neighbouring countries and those travelling to major cities.

The oldest of seven siblings, Muswana, is able to support his family from the little he earns from the trade.

“The reason I am selling fruits here is that I am unemployed. I have been suffering. I am from a very poor family, both my parents don’t work. Unemployment is rife here. I can’t find work despite the fact that I am still just 21. We appeal to people to support our business,” he says.

SA currently has a 30.8% unemployment rate: 

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Muswana says he expects the President to touch on job creation during his State of the Nation Address.

“It will be good if he talks about us finding jobs here in Limpopo. The lockdown has also set us back. That is why we can’t find jobs anymore.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the State of the Nation Address tonight at 7 pm: 

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Limpopo has also seen more young people tapping into agriculture over the last few years.  Report by SABC News reporter, Lutendo Bobodi.

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