Pro-consumer automotive aftermarket industry guidelines come into effect soon

New guidelines for the South African Automotive aftermarket sector will come into effect on July 1.

The Competition Commission says the guidelines are aimed at lowering barriers to entry to the market, and to increase the number of firms that can carry out work on insured vehicles and vehicles under warranty.

It’s hoped the guidelines will also increase consumer choice and competition in the markets for the sale of new vehicles, spare parts and value-added products.

Under the new guidelines, consumers can choose to repair their vehicle at a service provider of their choice.

But if a consumer chooses to use an independent service provider while the car is under warranty, they will have to pay for the service costs.

A consumer who fits spare parts provided by an independent service provider during the warranty period, risks the car manufacturer’s warranty becoming invalid.

The warranty or parts of it may be voided by the car manufacturer or dealer if they can prove that the damage is because of the fitment of spare parts by the independent service provider.

Consumers who have insurance cover, should use the repairer that is allocated by their Insurer and approved by the car manufacturer.

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