Vendors in Durban lament effects of dilapidated state of the city

Small businesses in Durban are concerned that the dilapidated state of the city could negatively impact their efforts to make money over the festive season.

Business owners say the high crime rate and filth in the inner city are also chasing away customers and are calling on the eThekwini Municipality to address their concerns before the festive season.

The high crime rate and increased petty crimes like muggings are affecting locals and tourists, people no longer want to come to the city because of the unaddressed ills.

“The municipality can also address the issue of filth around the city. Even the increase in the number of these boys who are living in the street who smoke whoonga, they also contribute to all of this mess. I’m at the verge of giving up. There are no customers. We are trying to make a honest living for our children and grandchildren, some are orphans and they depend on us. It is bad, we even fear walking in the streets because we get mugged, they take our cellphones,” says a vendor.

Small businesses in Durban worried about the dilapidated state of the city:

However, the eThekwini Municipality says it is optimistic of a bumper festive season. The municipality’s Phillip Sithole says they are anticipating a direct spend of close to R2 billion from tourists over this period.

Sithole says, “Well for Durban we are expecting close to a million people during the festive season. Obviously, some use the city over nights before they go to other places in KZN. But we are optimistic that there will be no less than a million over the period of six weeks. But I can reassure people that Durban is clean and safe.”

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