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ECI Media Management will incorporate British firm, Eley Consulting into its European business, effective immediately, which will see it extend its services into Africa through Eley Consulting’s existing partnership with Independent Agency Search and Selection (IAS).

Source: © 123rf 123rf ECI Media Management will incorporate Eley Consulting into its European business, effective immediately, which will see it extend its services into Africa

The deal will see Eley Consulting’s talent and client portfolio of UK, European and African advertisers consolidated into ECI Media Management, boosting the company’s presence and capabilities in these regions.

Growth into Africa

Established in 2015 by Mike Eley and Richard Edwards, Eley Consulting supports advertisers with market intelligence and expertise in strategic and digital planning, intermediary services, media accountability and financial transparency.

ECI Media Management is a media performance consultant with a global footprint across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, now also extending into Africa through its partnership with the IAS.

It offers data-driven media intelligence and rigorous benchmarking to a portfolio of blue-chip global advertisers, helping them to ensure their advertising investment and agency relationships drive higher media value for their brands.

Richard Edwards will join the UK team in a senior client management and new business capacity, while Mike Eley will take on an advisory role.

Edwards says, “We are pleased to be bringing our business into ECI Media Management – our companies are a natural fit as our values and approach align. The integration of our businesses will create a powerful team that will enable ECI Media Management to continue its growth trajectory across Europe and into Africa.

Benefit to local marketers, agencies and media houses

Eley Consulting entered into a partnership with (IAS) late 2022, offering media assurance auditing in South Africa and Africa.

Johanna McDowell, founder and CEO of the IAS, says, “This new development adds further strength to the existing media assurance auditing service that IAS offers to local clients.

“Backed by ECI Media Management’s experience, team and track record, IAS is set to deliver enormous benefit to marketers, agencies and media houses, enabling the transparency in cost and compliance industry-wide that is vital to the trust that long-term relationships between all parties require”.

Edwards adds, “We will continue to work closely with our Africa partner, the IAS, and will bring additional opportunities for the African markets which up till now have not utilised Media Audits to their full benefit.”

Source: bizcommunity.com