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One way of doing so is to go with a cutter from the leading supplier in the local market, and for this you should only look to Advanced Machinery, supplier of the range of V-Series vinyl cutters. With a wide selection of models in the V-Series, Advanced Machinery has sold an average of 100 units of these cutters per month for the past years. While many of these sales are to new, first-time users, the majority have been sold to repeat customers, a true testimony to the quality, productivity and robust construction of these industrial-strength devices.

Customers cover all sizes of enterprise from small one-man entities through to large high-volume operations with many staff members operating up to 24 hours per day year round.

Join the leaders in vinyl cutting with the V-Series vinyl cutters from

The V-Series comprises a wide spectrum of models and is available in two main sizes, the 800mm wide devices which are capable of handling the popular 600mm vinyl rolls (24 inch vinyl), and the 1360mm wide models which handle the larger 1200mm vinyl rolls (48 inch vinyl). Both sizes of cutter are supplied with their own stands, which means that they do not require a desktop to work on and can be situated where space allows. The majority of the range of the V-Series cutters feature a cutting pressure of 500g, however, the new V-Series Plus cutter features increased pressure of 1000g allowing thicker vinyl to be used with a consistently high level of cutting accuracy.

Join the leaders in vinyl cutting with the V-Series vinyl cutters from

The complete V-Series of cutters is supplied as standard with a Windows Printer Driver allowing the devices to be controlled from standard drawing applications such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator etc without the need for any additional cutting software. However, they can also be driven by the market-leading VinylCut software ( supplied by Ambitious Machinery (another company under umbrella), which offers users increased levels of functionality and cutting precision to achieve top-quality cutting results.

In addition to its ability to produce top-quality cuts on a range of vinyl products, the V-Series offer users high levels of functionality at a highly competitive price, making the range not only productive but also extremely cost-effective. Added to this is the top-rated after-sales service provided by the skilled technical staff at Advanced Machinery with an extensive range of spare parts readily available.

Join the leaders in vinyl cutting with the V-Series vinyl cutters from

Customers are provided with free on-site and hands-on training at the Advanced Machinery facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Once the customer has installed and begun using the device, they receive free life-time remote assistance, as well as value-added services such as a library of cutting templates and online training videos to allow them to achieve the highest level of productivity and profitability using their V-Series cutter, from day one.

Advanced Machinery prides itself on not only providing state-of-the-art, affordable solutions to its customers but also in assisting them to become and remain productive and profitable from the very first production run regardless of their level of experience and expertise. All V-Series Vinyl Cutters are available on Buythis Online Store ( Or you can visit website, contact by WhatsApp 0606006000 to find out how the V-Series of vinyl cutters can improve your productivity and profitability and join the leaders with the top-selling vinyl cutter on the market.

Join the leaders in vinyl cutting with the V-Series vinyl cutters from

About Vinyl Cutters: The V-Series Vinyl Cutters is the entry level-vinyl range of cutters offered by They form the foundation of the range which also includes the more advanced V-Smart, V-Smart+ and V-Auto vinyl cutters which provide increased functionality and more high-end vinyl cutting technologies to the market. also specialises in other vinyl cutting machines including Label Cutters and Film Cutters which complete the Vinyl Cutter family.

About Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd: the core company of the brand, which is a leading supplier of CNC cutting and large-format printing solutions aimed primarily at industrial applications with a view to maximising our customer’s productivity, efficiency and profitability. Our products are designed to provide the highest levels of production capability to meet the needs of a range of customers from the small office home office market right through to industrial applications which require large-scale continuous production. We believe in providing complete solutions. This means that all ancillary equipment is supplied as part of a comprehensive solution ensuring that our customers know what they are getting and how much they will be paying. Please visit for more products we sell.

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