AMA launches Black media owner portal to promote transformation

We need to have a deeper conversation in the PR industry, one that dives underneath the trends and that seeks to understand what’s causing these themes to bubble to the surface.

Dustin Chick is the managing partner of Razor. He says there are five reasons to look forward to PR in the year ahead

While many of the trends observed are certainly valid, we should think beyond the obvious and bring a different perspective to how we run our own agencies and how we advise clients on their brands and reputations.

It goes beyond an appreciation of economic, social, and environmental undercurrents – and rather connecting the dots in a way that resonates with and influences the conversations we most want to have.

This enables us to not only look at the trends but rather, to unpack the realities shaping what is seen on the surface. A deeper dive empowers us to be truly effective members of good business communities.

The trends and what they really mean

Here are five themes for change, five ways to rethink the value we bring, and five reasons to look forward to PR in the year ahead:

  1. This article was NOT written by ChatGPT
  2. There is (still) a war for talent – lots of people, but few that we need
  3. It’s heads in the room not just a pair of hands
  4. It’s not content, it’s conversation dammit
  5. Because we have perspective, we influence confidence