#AWE22: Democratising AR

In the second of two articles, Johan Walters shares highlights from the recent Augmented World Expo (AWE), the world’s biggest AR/VR conference, held in Santa Clara, California, US.

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The continued adoption by brands of WebAR has taken a major focus at AWE.

Branded WebAR makes it easier for consumers to experience AR as it essentially launches in the mobile browser.

As no app or social app is required, it immediately increases the reach to 3.5 billion smartphones, across both iOS and Android devices.

Success across the marketing funnel

Compared to an AR social app, WebAR offers a more holistic way to distribute content to the consumer: via QR codes on product placements or via a web link in emails, social ads, microsites, banner ads and more.

I spent most of my time at AWE joining the talks in the advertising & marketing tracks and it’s evident how WebAR is already driving success across the marketing funnel.

One such use case is where Pizza Hut generated 900 million impressions of surprise and delight and collaborated with Pac-Man to re-introduce the popular game directly on top of the pizza box packaging.

Another great use case is the release of Jumanji: The Next Level WebAR.

The creators used Amazon voice services where consumers can talk to the experience and activate the WebAR app.

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Video Credit: Trigger – The XR Agency

Familiar metrics

WebAR comes with familiar metrics of success and brand marketers can see data all the way through the funnel:

  • Impressions / Brand lift
  • CTR
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Cart Size & revenue

One great way to get started is with the low-code/ no-code AR platforms that are available, such as Zappar’s Designer tool, for which they’ve won an award for Best Creator & Authoring tool.

This drag-and-drop editor allows marketers to produce prototypes fairly quickly and adopt a test & learn strategy of how to use AR.

AR is no longer a “Nice to Have” and brands need to understand how to use it in their marketing toolkit.

With AWE USA 2022 a wrap, I’m supercharged for the opportunities that AR, VR, and XR hold for marketers and brands to augment their marketing

Source: bizcommunity.com