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DEKAT’s new TV season kicks off this evening on SABC 2 at 19:30pm. The programme features individuals with exceptional creative powers across South Africa.

Source: supplied. Piet Matipa, a presenter of the SABC 2’s DEKAT programme

Featuring campaigners, leaders and opinion-formers in the arts, design and creative lifestyle as well as the drivers of change who rise to every challenge to honour, preserve and cultivate the arts, the programme is filmed at various interesting destinations.

There is also a new test kitchen for food inserts, free products in every book or music insert and a challenge or an activity in art inserts. Each programme – with a unique theme and refreshing angle – consists of four distinct inserts.

“We invite you to make yourself at home in our living room and travel along in our world of books, food, art, style and entertainment,” says Elzilda Becker, editor and publisher of DEKAT magazine.

“We are also excited to share the DEKAT world and adventure with the big target market and viewer power of SABC 2.

“Thanks to fresh, “out-of-the-box” approaches and often unconventional and radical programme content, as well as a select group of talented presenters (some making their debut in front of the cameras), DEKATv promises exclusive, sparkling entertainment for the next 26 weeks,” she adds.

Presenters viewers can identify with

The DEKATv family has four main presenters with whom viewers can identify themselves. A unique persona that reflects their personality and unique nature has been created for each presenter:

Refentse Morake, anchor presenter, musician, is a household name in the Afrikaans community. Piet Matipa is an author and comedian and the writer of Sewende Laan on SABC 2, an art lover who brings art and creative inserts to the viewers in an unforgettable and sometimes mischievous and witty way. He explores the world of entertainment in his performances and writing, which has been published in Beeld, Rapport and PUKfm.

Writer, lyricist and award-winning free-spirited poet, Francis Grobler, has unique and electric joie de vivre. An avid a book lover and talented wordsmith, Grobler is the presenter of writers/lifestyle inserts. With his unique language and style, writer and drama impresario, Gerard Scholtz, personifies the DEKAT family and is a presenter of inserts in the Cape.

Jawaahier Petersen is the first presenter of the SABC’s flagship Islamic programme An-Nur – The Light, Petersen has become a well-known face in many homes across the country. As an ambassador for Afrikaans.com, Jawaahier is also actively involved in initiatives aimed at the inclusivity of all Afrikaans dialects.

Pretoria chef Fortunato Mazzone’s dishes are a surprise characterised by simplicity in abundance. When it comes to food, he is well-known for his artistic flair.

Marliza van den Berg and Niel Radema are guest presenters.

Source: bizcommunity.com