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In an era marked by the potential of collaboration and conscious consumerism to enact tangible change, Amazi emerges as a transformative force, a social impact ecosystem dedicated to uplifting, educating, and empowering marginalised communities. The synergy between Amazi and Woolworths signifies the power of conscious business practices, a partnership that speaks volumes about the ripple effects of impactful collaborations.

The genesis of Amazi can be traced back to its visionary founders, Divya Vasant and Sekela Lisa Mgcotyelwa. Driven by an unwavering resolve to uplift economically excluded women in South Africa, they harnessed the strength of collective wisdom and purchasing power. This led to the reshaping of conventional business paradigms, infusing inclusivity and empowerment into the very core of their entrepreneurial journey.

Sekela Lisa Mgcotyelwa and Divya Vasant, founders of Amazi. Image supplied

Central to Amazi’s transformative strategy is the Rands & Change philosophy, an innovative framework that ensures every rand spent by customers directly contributes to the development of women of colour.

Through the empowering avenue of the Amazi Academy, these women are provided with invaluable upskilling, nurturing, and opportunities for growth. What emerges is not just an educational initiative but a movement that propels these women into employment, breaking the cycle of economic exclusion.

A beacon of hope

The collaboration between Amazi and Woolworths is a beacon of hope, showcasing how conscious consumerism can drive change beyond mere transactions. The Amazi Beauty Bars, available in 15 Woolworths stores nationwide with plans to launch in KwaZulu-Natal this Spring, offers high-quality, on-the-go treatments. These treatments include gel application for hands and feet, brow threading, tinting and a whole lot more. This collaboration has turned economic inclusion into a tangible reality.

At the heart of the Amazi Beauty Bars concept lies accessibility and convenience. These services cater to the modern individual’s fast-paced lifestyle, seamlessly blending between errands and shopping, and all the while, offering affordable excellence. The Beauty Bars not only provide a respite amidst busy routines but also an avenue for empowerment through skilled technicians, representing a harmonious blend of quality and convenience.

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Image supplied

Amazi’s commitment to holistic empowerment extends to its beauty range available at selected Amazi Beauty Bars in Woolworths, its two flagship standalone stores, as well as online. These products are not only about skincare; they embody the philosophy of conscious consumerism. Sourced sustainably from within Africa, these products represent a commitment to the environment and the empowerment of women.

Amazi’s history

Amazi is more than a beauty brand; it’s a social impact ecosystem with a singular focus: uplifting economically excluded women in South Africa. Guided by innovative business practices and a commitment to conscious consumerism, Amazi’s impact is comprehensive. Its Rands & Change philosophy stands as a beacon, embodying the transformative potential of each customer’s contribution. The result is an unbroken cycle of empowerment for women of colour, shattering barriers and rewriting narratives.

With Beauty Bars that offer affordable treatments and a product range rooted in sustainable sourcing, Amazishowcases a future where businesses serve as agents of positive change. This brand embodies the intersection of commerce and empowerment, embodying the belief that meaningful change is more than an ideal; it’s an achievable reality.

Looking ahead

Amazi’s horizon stretches beyond its current impact. With a goal to touch the lives of 2000 women by 2025, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, Amazi is leading the charge towards gender equality, economic growth, and meaningful work for young women. As Amazi continues to inspire, uplift, and transform, its journey remains a testament to the untapped potential within businesses to catalyse lasting and meaningful change.

The collaboration with Woolworths is just the beginning of an expansive journey, an indication that real change is not a distant dream but a tangible and achievable reality. Through initiatives like the Beauty Bars and the Amazi Beauty conscious products.

Amazi is laying the foundation for a future where empowerment is more than rhetoric; it’s a lived experience, one that ripples through generations. As Divya Vasant and Sekela Lisa Mgcotyelwa continue to reshape narratives and redefine norms, Amazi stands as an emblem of hope, proving that collaboration, innovation, and conscious consumerism can pave the way for lasting change.

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