#BizTrends2024: Dale Hefer – The year marketers become user-wranglers to get more from less

Constrained purchasing power in markets around the world means heightened competition for hard-earned currency. Marketers must come up with fresh and clever strategies to get more from less.

Image supplied. Dale Hefer, CEO of the Nedbank IMC, says in 2024, the year of shrinking marketing budgets, marketers will have to get more from less

Into the omnichannel mix, users will become important message creators and disseminators.

Increasingly, marketers will become user-wranglers, requiring insight into how to guide an unrestrained and broad base of fellow content creators.

New technologies still being tried and tested in the market, will somehow demand that we embrace them, even in the void of the unknown.

It’s a risky business and not the easiest of times for marketers.

More than ever, we will have to dig deep, challenge ourselves and demonstrate resilience and agility.

The world is changing around us, and marketers – who stand at the nexus of culture, technology, and creativity – must adapt. This is not an easy feat.

Megatrends that will shape 2024

Some of the megatrends that will shape 2024 include participation, influencers, and technology.

  • Everything, everywhere, all at once – participation
  • We complete you – the influencer economy
  • How to say I love you in AI – technology

Challenge accepted – embrace the hard stuff

From CMO to account executive to rogue marketer, we have the capabilities to guide, engage and inspire – but this is the year to dig deep.

This year the Nedbank IMC’s theme is Marketing. Challenge yourself. Keep learning. Keep leading. It serves as a clarion call to be all that we can be. Are you ready for the challenge?

The Nedbank IMC takes place on 19 September, in-person at the Focus Rooms, Johannesburg (800 delegates) and virtually (2000+ delegates).

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Source: bizcommunity.com