Boosting your cellular phone signal is now as easy as a click-of-a-button

Bolton Technical launches their e-commerce store in South Africa, offering cell phone signal booster solutions from the leading US manufacturer, Wilson Electronics.

Bolton Technical, a leading solutions provider in the cell phone signal booster industry, announced that their e-commerce website has been launched and that South Africans can now purchase the premium Wilson Electronics signal booster brands of weBoost and WilsonPro on the Bolton Technical e-commerce website.

Bolton offers free shipping to all major metros, 30-day money back guarantees and one-year warranty on all signal boosters. All boosters are ICASA-approved devices that will boost signal for all phones and all networks.

Bolton Technical offer signal booster solutions for homes, office buildings, warehouses and all vehicles including car, bakkies, caravans and boats. In addition to selling product online, they offer full turnkey systems design and installation services for larger projects.

Cell phone signal boosters work by amplifying the existing weak signal from outside and rebroadcasting it in your home, office or vehicle.

“We believe that these solutions are a game changer in the South African market, which has experienced some of the highest mobile phone adoption growth rates worldwide, partly due to insufficient landline coverage and long infrastructure roll-out processes,” says Jason Gaizley, one of the Bolton Technical founding partners.

88% of South Africans own cellular phones, however, mobile network coverage is weak in many parts of the country. If you look at the coverage maps provided by the mobile networks, it shows areas that are covered, however no indication of how strong the signal is. This is where the problem comes in – you might be “covered”, however that doesn’t mean you have any workable signal.

Cell phone boosters are becoming indispensable in most industries, including agriculture, large retail complexes or in any large corporation. These varied sectors’ signal problems might stem from different factors including distance from a cell tower, or high-rise office buildings blocking cellular signal, however, all these industries can benefit from signal booster solutions that provide improved cellular connectivity.

We live in a fast-paced world, where instant gratification and instant communication is the norm. Not being “connected” in 2019 means loss of revenue to your business. That is what makes these solutions so exciting, they are not merely a way to keep one connected to the world on those you love, but are crucial tools in your business arsenal in the digital era.

To find out more about their range of cellular signal boosters visit or call customer support on +27 11 749 3085.