Brave Group appointed as agency to roll out South African Tourism’s global advocacy programme

Lisbon-based international public relations agency ThirdEyeMedia has been selected as part of a European Commission initiative, the Portugal 2020 programme, which aims to promote and grow small businesses.

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Clara Armand-Delile
Credit: Marie-Laure Roux

The support received will aid the company’s future development plans and enhance its global capability.

The agency, which has been present in the market for just over six years, offers specialised communication and positioning services across Europe and the US for technology companies and venture capital firms, and is looking to expand this offering to the sub-Saharan African market.

Africa’s fintech sector, in particular, has seen significant growth with the number of startups increasing by 89.4% between 2017 and 2021, according to Disrupt Africa’s Finnovating for Africa 2021 report. With approximately 57% of the continent’s population without a traditional bank account, digital and mobile financial solutions are critical to shaping a more inclusive economy.

“We see ourselves as entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs. Ultimately, we are a startup that supports other startups, helping our clients build their public voice and face, and not only grow brand awareness amongst key stakeholders but their bottom line as well. Our differentiating factor lies in our ability to offer a multi-market, multilingual approach to startups from day one, bridging the gap in a highly fragmented ecosystem. This allows us to anticipate and respond to our clients’ challenges, ensuring excellent results,” explains Clara Armand-Delille, founder and managing director of ThirdEyeMedia.

The agency already has an established presence across Europe and the US and plans to capitalise on growing market potential across other countries and regions on the African continent, including investment hubs such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.

“We’re thrilled to roll out our services in Africa. We’re fluent in the three major European languages spoken on the continent: French, English and Portuguese, and just like in Europe, we are confident that we can offer a fully-serviced, cross-border offering. We think and operate on a global scale, a significant requirement for businesses to thrive in a post-pandemic economy. We are incredibly proud to have been selected and supported by Portugal 2020 and we look forward to fulfilling our strategic vision: delivering industry leading communications services from Portugal to the world,” she adds.