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We are so proud to announce that Dentsu Creative and TFG Media have significantly grown TFG Media’s readership base in Q4 2022 with year-over-year (YOY) growth percentages ranging from 2.9% to a whopping 38%.

The already unmatched reach of TFG Media’s print mag subscriber base and the targeted sales strategy of its acquisition team was underpinned by Dentsu Creative’s boost in high quality content tailored to meet the readers’ interests and preferences.

Among the top performers were Club X, Man, and Sports Club, with an outstanding almost 38%, 35%, and 21% increase in circulation, respectively.

Great content is not just about entertaining readers,
but also about understanding what they want and need.

Meanwhile, Club, Super Kids, My Kitchen, and Soccer Club recorded growth rates of 6.4%, 7.1%, 11.1%, and 12.1%, respectively. Living Space and Balanced Life also showed impressive growth rates of 8.5% and 2.9%.

“Great content is not just about entertaining readers, but also about understanding what they want and need,” said Natalie Wilson, managing director, Dentsu Creative SSA.

“These numbers are about growth, yes, but also about high quality content that resonates with the audience driving reader retention rates. Our success is a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication, and we are thrilled to see such a positive response from our TFG Media’s’ readership base, now one of the largest direct audiences in the country.

“Print remains an essential part of the marketing mix for advertisers, and the TFG Media stable of magazines drives not only tactical print advertiser placements but also acts as a direct reach mechanic. TFG Media magazines are a subscription-only based audience, meaning trackable reach for marketers who are increasingly scrutinising how their paid media budgets are spent. The offering is underpinned by robust social and web audiences, giving marketers the chance to reach this audience cross-medium”, continued Wilson.

Club, the largest English women’s general lifestyle fashion and beauty magazine, recorded a 4.5 times larger circulation than its closest competitor. Meanwhile, Sports Club and Soccer Club solidified its position as the leading sport magazines in SA, with a combined growth rate of 18% YOY.

To advertise in TFG Media titles or across its digital platforms contact Werner Hayward.

Source: bizcommunity.com