Eduvos graphic design students to exhibit at Avijozi Festival

Avijozi was inaugurated in 2022; since then, it has become a platform for creatives and organisations to share expertise, collaborate, and network. The two-day event will provide a platform for career opportunities in the creative industries, networking with like-minded individuals, and finding professional mentors who can offer guidance and support in creative careers. Most importantly, the festival celebrates young talent in artificial intelligence, animation, and visual effects (VFX).

Avijozi connects creatives, technicians, software developers, AI researchers, artists, writers, students, VFX and animation studios, and industry enthusiasts from South Africa and beyond. Eduvos realises that these connections will unlock unique opportunities for their students and help pave their way for successful careers in the creative industry. Therefore, the institution will have a dedicated exhibitor stand at this year’s event where they will shine a spotlight on the design talent of its graphic design department.

They will feature live demonstrations from their top performing graphic design students at their four largest campuses, Bedfordview, Pretoria, Midrand and Tyger Valley. It will also seize the opportunity to welcome festival goers to engage with their design students and to learn more about the institution’s accredited qualifications and other campus locations across South Africa.

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Solomon Bakare, national head of humanities at Eduvos, says: “At Eduvos, graphic design and visual art education ignites imagination, fosters critical thinking, and nurtures a profound appreciation for the world’s beauty. Our students can transcend the halls of the classroom and seek the deeper meaning behind their crafts. As educators, it is our responsibility to provide platforms where students can uncover curiosity, innovation and embark on a lifelong journey of design and discovery.”

“We are exceptionally proud of our graphic design talent at Eduvos,” says Judith Evans, graphic design programme manager at Eduvos. She adds: “Avijozi is an excellent opportunity for our students and upcoming artists to showcase their work, and the exposure to industry experts will foster positive relationships, mentorship, and recruitment opportunities.”

Join Eduvos at Avijozi on Saturday, 16 September (9:30am to 6pm), and Sunday, 17 September (10am to 5pm). The festival will occur at the University of Johannesburg Arts Centre, APK campus. Festival tickets are free. Sign up here.