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KFC’s Add Hope initiative, together with Joint Aid Management (JAM) South Africa, will be packing 1,000 food parcels at the KFC head office in honour of Madiba this year.

The parcels will be donated to three Add Hope beneficiaries across South Africa, namely JAM, Claremont Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry, and the Christian Social Council Alberton.

KFC’s all-year-round corporate social responsibility programme, Add Hope has raised over R320m since inception in 2009.

“Today, Add Hope makes a meaningful difference to over 100,000 children across South Africa every day, and continues to invest in the importance of providing children with nutritional meals,” says Cathy Qama, CSI and sponsorship manager at KFC Africa.

The national feeding initiative allows KFC customers to purchase ‘hope’ off the menu for just R2, which is spent on food for over 110 beneficiaries. To create awareness and encourage giving, Add Hope has run campaigns such as Riaan Manser’s Journey of Hope and a television commercial telling ‘The Story of Hope’.

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Here, Qama explains the impact this initiative is having on young learners, and how every donation, no matter how big or small, contributes to making a difference…

On the website, you say that you identify sustainable feeding programmes across the country to support so that you can make a long-term impact in South African communities. Elaborate on why sustainability is important to KFC in terms of CSR.

Add Hope partners with 110 beneficiaries across the country. Some of these are national and others are local, so that the money our customers donate goes towards feeding members of their community. Beneficiaries include Afrika Tikkun and SOS Children’s Villages, to name just a few.

Our work with the beneficiaries is ongoing, as we work together to provide support to their feeding programmes – providing well-balanced and nutritious meals to children. By adding hope, it is a win for KFC, our team members and South Africa.

Do you think customers are more likely to support companies, or fast-food franchises in this case, that have CSR programmes that are making a real difference in their communities?

KFC is a brand with a big heart and Add Hope is one of the key company pillars, ensuring that there is a strong drive and focus aimed at giving back to the communities that it serves. With our customers’ donations, we work together with their R2 donations to make a valuable change to those who need it the most.

Applications for funding open on 1 November. Do you keep supporting the same beneficiary organisations year on year or do they have to reapply every year?

We have great partnerships with our beneficiaries and long-standing ones too, working with them to provide the backing they need. Add Hope supports beneficiaries, year on year but prior to their renewal, our beneficiaries are evaluated.

Beneficiaries need to ensure that the funds you give them will be used to feed children from birth to the age of 18. How do you monitor this and ensure that the meals provided are nutritious?

Add Hope beneficiaries work with nutritionists and/or dieticians to make sure that the meals the children receive are healthy and nutritious. One such example is Abby Courtenay, a professional dietician, who consults with Afrika Tikkun on a regular basis.

Any planned changes/improvements to the initiative going forward?

Recently Add Hope has become a global initiative, which we are very proud of. At KFC, we are constantly looking at more ways to improve, grow and reach as many children as possible. The ultimate goal is to increase the amount of children we feed across the country, to help them learn, grow and thrive to be future leaders.

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