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The Trevor Noah Foundation has received a R13.5m grant to help advance education outcomes in South Africa. The grant, provided by the Oak Foundation, comes as its first donation from its Learning Differences Programme made directly to an organisation in South Africa.

Graduation ceremony of Trevor Noah Foundation’s Faranani Infrastructure Project participants. Source: Facebook

“Oak Foundation chose the Trevor Noah Foundation for this grant because of its track record in building strong community partnerships, its clear expertise in education, and its great appetite for piloting innovative initiatives, which will help schools find solutions to support children with learning differences,” says Bethiel Girma Holton, programme officer for the Oak Foundation’s Learning Differences Programme.

Founded in 1983, the Oak Foundation supports others in making the world a safer, fairer, and more sustainable place to live by giving grants to organisations in approximately 40 countries worldwide.

Inclusive, responsive programmes

“We’re honoured to be a recipient of Oak Foundation’s grant over the next three years,” says Shalane Yuen, the executive director of the Trevor Noah Foundation.

“Designing, implementing and evaluating our programmes to ensure they are inclusive and responsive to our learners’ and educators’ needs are non-negotiable. It’s refreshing to be supported by a funder who acknowledges often overlooked socioeconomic factors such as racism and poverty when accounting for learning differences.”