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We abide by the strict standards of our BRCGS* accreditation as recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

There is currently no post-consumer recycled polystyrene that is approved for use within the food packaging sector and as a BRCGS member, Mpact Versapak may not use post-consumer polystyrene in any of our food packaging products.

As part of the BRCGS’ world-wide standard and our own ethical practices, Mpact Versapak commits to:

  • Not make use of any local or imported recycled polystyrene;
  • Remain committed to our manufacturing standards in order to produce the highest quality products;
  • Ensure full traceability of raw materials;
  • Only supply products that are 100% compliant with BRCGS regulations.

Consumer support in ethical manufacturing

Mpact Versapak remains committed to product quality and food safety standards

We encourage our customers and distributors to make responsible purchases that will benefit the industry, our economy and the environment, whilst considering the South African consumers’ health and safety as priority. The BRCGS standard is often required by leading industry players around the world when approving their suppliers, helping to reduce waste and prevent recalls or reject products.

Although it is not possible to visually tell which products are BRC accredited and which are not, using non-accredited products can have very negative consequences, such as food contamination or not being able to trace a product back to its manufacturing process.

Mpact Versapak remains committed to product quality and food safety standards

As a BRCGS member, we maintain a declaration of compliance that outlines our processes from start to finish. Our customers can buy our products knowing that we operate legally, ethically, that our quality is exceptional, thus promoting food safety.

*Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards

Learn more: BRCGS

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