JHB Removals launches new teams, facilitates high demand for relocations and semigration

The surprisingly buoyant property market in these regions is due to a combination of reasons; from property owners toning down their personal property portfolios, to an increase in middle class income activity, even in the middle of Covid pandemic. Coupled with the new era of remote working caused by Covid-19, this has contributed significantly to the growing trend of semigration and a sharp increase in the number of South Africans relocating to their preferred province.

The rise of relocations

Noticeably, the biggest volume increase of relocations is between Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. A key contributing factor in the increase in relocations between these provinces in particular is likely caused by professionals who were previously commuting between locations for work in the week and returning to their families over the weekend – Thanks to many being forced to work remotely, these professionals are now able to work where they live, rather than live where they work.

According to an article by Property24, some of the prime reasons for the upsurge of relocations are that many individuals are looking for a lifestyle change and would prefer a better quality of life in beautiful surroundings, as well as good schooling for their children and increased safety and security in general. Many who are relocating are also looking for larger homes to accommodate families extended their family base, as well as provide space for a home office.

New teams, trucks and specialised removal services

“JHB Furniture Removals has trained and nurtured new moving teams and services that are area and region specific which reduces costs of removals and provides cost-effective services for our clients by way of accurate and mobile teams and truck sizes,” explains Brad Moore, founder and CEO of SAFR Removals.

Services offered include: daily Pretoria moving company service, weekly national long distance removal services to Durban and Cape Town, office removals, storage, protective wrapping and packing, but our most popular specialised part load furniture removal service is getting much attention with JHB Removals providing long-distance removals to all South African cities at a fraction of the cost. “The growing demand for this specialised removal service has provided the opportunity for our clients to move a small amount of their furniture between all South African provinces where our clients only pay for the space they use together with other households and smaller loads,” Moore comments. “This is carefully managed with labelling and inventories. Even further savings are ensured as clients will only pay for the truck traveling one way, with loads secured on the return trip.”

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Source: bizcommunity.com