Media24 wins 2022 INMA’s Best in Africa

Delegates can also email the organisers ahead of time to pre-order The President’s new magazine, Paris or Apartemento magazine from Omar Sosa, art director, publisher and owner, who is a speaker at Toffie Pop 2012. Magazines will then be available for pickup on arrival.

Design dinner

Book now for the Elle Decoration dinner presented and curated by the Sandberg Instituut, Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam). If you love design and want to eat dinner with a metre-long fork and a hammer then book for this three-course meal, including drinks for R350. “The dinner will be based on Plato’s Symposium,” says Hannes Bernard, “and it will question the notion of food and community.


Workshops are additional to the conference. Highlights include the one-hour poster-making workshop by Guy Meldem and Jonas Voegeli from Switzerland. The workshop will be about grids and solutions and how to design and produce tip-top posters. The workshop involves latex gloves, nitro solvent and protection masks.

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