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At Eduvos, we believe everyone is entitled to a quality education, no matter their socioeconomic background. With access to SmartFunder, Eduvos students and their parents have the option of receiving financial assistance, with up to 48 months to pay for their studies. This significantly lowers the monthly repayments, and thereby makes private higher education more affordable and more accessible to existing and prospective students.

“At Eduvos we are constantly striving to improve access to quality higher education,” says Eduvos CEO, Siegie Brownlee. “We realise that about 50% of matriculants annually cannot afford tertiary education. As such, we are constantly increasing our pool of partners to assist students in funding their studies. SmartFunder offers young adults an opportunity to follow their dreams and reach their potential – and we are delighted to be journeying with them in this regard.”

SmartFunder has been financing students since 2017, and the partnership with Eduvos provides students with a monthly payment option via debit order that works best for them. Parents, guardians or a family member can also apply for the monthly payment option. The applicant must have a satisfactory credit score and a regular income that complies with the National Credit Act.

“We are very selective in terms of the educational institutions that we partner with as we want to invest in cultivating sustainable long-term relationships,” says SmartFunder director, Francois Liebenberg. “Eduvos is a leader in the South African education landscape, and we are extremely excited to provide this world-class funding solution to prospective students in partnership with the highly capable team at Eduvos.”

SmartFunder partners with innovative credit providers and has some of the biggest corporates as partners.

Dr Riaan Steenberg, executive director at Eduvos, says that, “The solution that Eduvos and SmartFunder has created, enables families to take control of their spend on education to ensure that the present difficulties do not compromise the future. We at Eduvos believe that the relationship with SmartFunder will aid in supporting affordable quality education for more families.”

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