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Warc Creative 100 has released a list of the most awarded campaigns and companies in the world with Ogilvy being the most awarded network in the world.

Screenshot from Lost Class.

Compiled by Warc, the international marketing insights company, the annual Creative 100 Ranking is produced by combining the results of the industry’s most important global and regional creative award shows of 2022. The awards tracked are determined by a global industry panel survey and consultation with the Warc Rankings Advisory Board.

Amy Rodgers, head of Warc Creative, said: “In an industry that sometimes struggles to defend its place in the C-suite, the rankings offer an opportunity for marketers to reflect on the best campaigns in the business and to review the impact their own work has on their brands.

“The benchmarks and insights garnered from the Warc Rankings are at the core of our brand promise: to bring confidence to marketing decisions through evidence-based insight and inspiration.”

Campaign for creativity: The Lost Class for Change The Ref by Leo Burnett Chicago

The most creatively celebrated campaign of 2022 is The Lost Class for Change The Ref created by Leo Burnett Chicago to raise awareness about mass shootings. A ceremony was held for the 3,044 high school students in the US who didn’t graduate in 2021 due to tragically losing their lives to gun violence.

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Britt Nolan, president and chief creative officer, Leo Burnett Chicago, said: “The Lost Class was an incredibly brave idea and I’m very proud of Leo Burnett for having the courage to produce it. But we have a long way to go to change the way America thinks about gun laws. I can only hope this recognition inspires someone else to do something even better and even more effective.”

In second place is The Unfiltered History Tour for Vice World News by Dentsu Creative Bangalore, featuring a secret tour of the British Museum’s stolen artefacts via augmented reality. In third, Piñatex for Dole Sunshine Company/Ananas Anam by L&C New York, to promote a vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable alternative leather made from pineapple leaves.

Agency for creativity: Publicis Milan

Publicis Milan tops the table for the second year in a row with four campaigns for Heineken and one for Bottega Veneta placed in the top 100 campaigns.

Bruno Bertelli, global chief creative officer, Publicis Worldwide, said: “What makes me, and all of us, most proud and deeply honoured to be ranked #1 most creative agency in the world for the second year in a row is one great team delivering work for multiple clients across many forms and platforms, striving to put brands at the centre of culturally relevant conversations and leave a mark.

“Topping the Warc Creative 100 represents a recognition speaking to the borderless creativity that testifies how Publicis Milan’s commitment and constant endeavour expand in terms of relevance, and what’s possible when creative thinking extends across resources, geographies, and cultures to become a shared mission.”

Area 23, New York, jumped from 32nd last year to claim second place with four campaigns in the top 100 for a variety of brands covering different product categories. BETC Paris is in third place with three campaigns in the top 50.

Network for creativity: Ogilvy

Ogilvy was the most awarded network for the third year in a row, with 40 different agencies contributing to its total including five agencies in the top 50. Furthermore, it was responsible for ten of the top 100 campaigns.

Liz Taylor, global chief creative officer, Ogilvy, said: “It fills us with immense pride to see Ogilvy named the most creative network in the world by Warc for the third consecutive year. Our teams earned this recognition by doing work that had an impact on our clients’ brands and businesses, but also for impacting policies that have helped create a more equitable and just world. Our sincerest thanks to every person who works at Ogilvy for their passion and ingenuity, and to our brave clients for their partnership, trust, and shared belief that creativity is the ultimate differentiator.”

DDB Worldwide moves up one place to claim second position with four agencies in the top 50 and seven campaigns in the top 100. FCB, is in third, up from sixth also with four agencies and nine campaigns ranked.

Holding Company for creativity: WPP

Up from second position last year, WPP returned to the top of the holding company table with seven networks in the top 50 and two networks in the top 10: Ogilvy and VMLY&R.

Rob Reilly, chief creative officer, WPP, said: “I believe that creativity is the world’s most valuable asset and when we apply it to a massive problem or opportunity, it can drive business and change culture. This ranking reflects the brilliant work our agencies have produced this year with our brave clients and talented production partners.”

Brand for creativity: Burger King

For the fifth year in a row, Burger King tops the brand table. It has four campaigns ranked in the top 100 by three different agencies; the joint highest of any brand alongside Heineken, in second place, which also had four campaigns ranked. Google climbs up from 31st last year to claim third place.

Advertiser for creativity: AB InBev

After topping the advertiser table for the first-time last year, Anheuser-Busch InBev remains in first position. The brewing giant has three brands in the top 50: Corona, Michelob Ultra and Budweiser and four campaigns in the top 100.

Marcel Marcondes, global chief marketing officer, AB InBev, said: “We are very excited to see ABI ranked number one for the second year in a row. We use creativity and innovation to solve consumer problems that drive organic growth for our company.”

Unilever and Restaurant Brands International swap places this year with the multinational consumer goods company moving up to second place and the fast food company moving down to third place.

Country for creativity: US

The top five ranking countries remain the same as last year, with the US and UK maintaining their positions for the past nine years. India is the most improved country, climbing from 23rd to seventh.

The top ten most highly ranked campaigns and companies in the 2022 Warc Creative 100 are:

Top ten world’s most awarded campaigns for creativity

Rank Campaign Title Brand Agencies Points
#1 The Lost Class Change The Ref Leo Burnett Chicago 491.6
#2 The Unfiltered History Tour VICE Dentsu Creative Bangalore 431.8
#3 Piñatex Dole Sunshine Company / Ananas Anam L&C New York 343.4
#4 The Elections Edition An-Nahar Impact BBDO Dubai / Impact BBDO Beirut 331.2
#5 Vienna Strips on OnlyFans Vienna Tourist Board Jung von Matt Donau Vienna 275.1
#6 Better with Pepsi Pepsi Alma Miami 255.8
#7 Beyond the Surface – Liquid Billboard adidas Havas Dubai 237
#8 Data Tienda WeCapital DDB Mexico City 224.1
#9 Reverse Selfie Dove Ogilvy London 207.1
#10 The Bread Exam Spinneys/ Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation/ American University of Beirut Medical Center McCann Paris / McCann Health London / McCann Düsseldorf / FP7 McCann Dubai / McCann Frankfurt 202.9

Top ten world’s most awarded agencies for creativity

Rank Agency Points
#1 Publicis Milan 792.8
#2 Area 23 New York 682.1
#3 BETC Paris 587.7
#4 Le Pub Amsterdam 474.3
#5 GUT Miami 471.3
#6 Ogilvy London 451.6
#7 FCB Chicago 422.1
#8 We Believers New York 419.5
#9 Impact BBDO Dubai 395.1
#10 DAVID Madrid 383.8

Top ten world’s most awarded networks for creativity

Rank Network Points
#1 Ogilvy 2895
#2 DDB Worldwide 2001.5
#3 FCB 1949.8
#4 BBDO Worldwide 1802.1
#5 Publicis Worldwide 1758.6
#6 Havas Creative Group 1349.8
#7 VMLY&R 1217
#8 McCann Worldgroup 992
#9 TBWA Worldwide 973.4
#10 Leo Burnett 935.3

Top ten world’s most awarded holding companies for creativity

Rank Holding Company Points
#1 WPP 5844
#2 Omnicom Group 4948.7
#3 Interpublic Group 4012.2
#4 Publicis Groupe 3392.4
#5 Havas Group 1385.1
#6 Dentsu 623.8
#7 Accenture 440.1
#8 Stagwell 275.4
#9 Hakuhodo DY Group 190.3
#10 Deloitte 126.7

Top ten world’s most awarded brands for creativity

Rank Brand Points
#1 Burger King 728.2
#2 Heineken 668.8
#3 Google 439.1
#4 Corona 415.7
#5 Heinz 408.1
#6 Samsung 393.2
#7 IKEA 384.3
#8 Dove 356.4
#9 Apple 338
#10 Cadbury 282.7

Top ten world’s most awarded advertisers for creativity

Rank Advertiser Location Points
#1 Anheuser-Busch InBev Belgium 1334.6
#2 Unilever UK 788.3
#3 Restaurant Brands International Canada 748.2
#4 Heineken Netherlands 668.8
#5 Samsung South Korea 518.6
#6 Alphabet USA 497.1
#7 Mondelēz International USA 450.9
#8 Kraft Heinz Company USA 417.2
#9 IKEA Sweden 384.3
#10 Procter & Gamble USA 380.6

Top ten world’s most awarded countries for creativity

Rank Country Points
#1 USA 7968.2
#2 United Kingdom 2547.8
#3 France 1811.8
#4 Brazil 1629.5
#5 Australia 1456.2
#6 Germany 1436.4
#7 India 1169.5
#8 Canada 1071
#9 Spain 971.3
#10 Italy 863.9

Summing up, Amy Rodgers, head of Warc Creative, said: “Across the top 10 campaigns there is a strong theme of promoting societal concerns through creativity. From women’s issues such as Data Tienda which drew attention to women gaining access to credit and financial services, and The Bread Exam supporting women’s health, while Beyond the Surface and Reverse Selfie both centred on body image. Other societal issues covered included The Lost Class on US gun violence, Piñatex on environmentalism and The Elections Edition on political corruption.”