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In another first, Eduvos is excited to announce that it has partnered with Golden Key from the 2023 academic year onwards. Eduvos will be one of 19 chapters of Golden Key in South Africa and the only chapter at a private institution.

Golden Key International Honour Society is the world’s largest collegiate honour society for graduate and undergraduate students. Membership to Golden Key opens many doors for students, including scholarships and opportunities to study abroad.

Eduvos is the first private higher education institution in South Africa to enable its students to access Golden Key. Eduvos students who get high marks that place them in the top 15% of their respective degrees, will be invited to join Golden Key and access all the benefits that go along with it. Membership
to Golden Key is by invitation only.

The collaboration was conducted by Eduvos’s Employability Centre in conjunction with Golden Key. The Eduvos Employability Centre creates opportunities for Eduvos students to find work placement after graduation and supports them through industry partnerships and relationships.

“Eduvos and Golden Key will work together to address the national issue of graduate unemployment as well as celebrating academic excellence, linking to the purpose of Eduvos which is to spotential – student by student – towards Africa’s prosperity,” says Cheryl Smith, Head of Student Support & Student Affairs.

Golden key not only grants its members access to various academic and professional perks but also opens networking opportunities. The Society recognises and encourages academic excellence,
leadership development and commitment to community service and serves as a life-time network.

The society therefore partners with corporate and non-profit organisations. Through these partnerships, members can access internship and career opportunities.

Find out more about Golden key here.
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