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Wesley Giddy, Bachelor of Commerce Tourism Management student, Eduvos Midrand campus

In recent decades, the gaming industry has experienced exponential development and become a significant contributor to the global economy. Eduvos recognises that Africa has a fledgling industry which is lagging in development, and this can be improved by growing the skills base in game development. With the introduction of cutting-edge technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other innovations, the demand for expert game design and development professionals has skyrocketed. Game design and development is a complex and multidisciplinary field requiring a combination of technical skills, business skills, creative skills, and a profound comprehension of player psychology.

Eduvos recognises the demand for future-fit skills, and the introduction of their Higher Certificate in Information Systems (Game Design and Development) will address the skills gap currently being faced by the gaming industry. As part of the Technology faculty, the qualification covers critical areas for building a solid foundation in the gaming field, thereby empowering aspiring game developers with a good mix of technical skills, game design principles, and project management knowledge. Gaming is however a field that has applications in trans-disciplinary learning and brings together people that have interest in humanities, design, technology, commerce and even science.

The higher education provider is no stranger to esports and gaming. Eduvos has launched a national Eduvos esports league across their twelve campuses, as well as participating in world-renowned gaming events such as Comic Con and the rAge Expo. Eduvos is also currently running a Game Jam experience, whereby students are given the tools and resources to build a game of their own design. It partners with gaming pioneers RGB Gaming to ensure that it delivers industry relevant experience and world class initiatives.

Dr Amos Anele, Eduvos head of programmes, IT faculty says: “We recognise that there is a significant increase for entry-level game developers and designers. Our higher certificate will open the possibilities for graduates to join the gaming industry and will empower our students to not only apply their skills in established game studios, but also in creating their own indie games and start-ups.”

He further stated that: “As educators, it is our duty to nurture the creativity of our students and unlock opportunities for interactive experiences and storytelling. We believe that our higher certificate in game design and development will create opportunities for students to explore and specialise in various aspects of game development and find employment opportunities both locally and internationally.”

Successful graduates will be able to pursue careers such as: game designer, level designer, game interface designer, game developer, simulation developer, game programmer, game artist: 2D and/or 3D, game audio engineer, game animator, game content creator/streamer, game producer/project manager and game development educator/trainer.

“As a proud Vossie student and esports enthusiast, I couldn’t be prouder of my institution for recognising the potential within the esports industry. As a freelancer myself, I have first-hand experience with the critical skills required to nurture a successful career within the field. Equipping young minds with the tools they need to tackle the scene is the first step to turning dreams into reality.” Cameron Varga, Bachelor of Arts Media Studies student, Eduvos Tyger Valley campus.

Prospective students will be able to pre-enrol for this higher certificate at the end of month, with the first cohort commencing in February 2024. Applicants can pre-enrol online at eduvos.com.

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