Postbank plans to launch state bank on course

Full-service agency FCB Johannesburg’s launch campaign for Law-On-Call, the innovative new legal assistance product from First National Bank, has elicited an outstanding response.

Unveiled on November 1, Law-On-Call is positioned as ‘Legal help from a real lawyer”‘, enabling members access to a qualified and professional lawyer by telephone whenever needed. The monthly subscription of R55 covers a comprehensive spectrum of legal requirements, including labour and criminal matters, civil cases, bail applications, bodily injuries, repossessions, insurance claims, motor vehicle accidents and unjustified blacklistings. In addition, Law-On-Call offers a range of value-added services not available from other legal assistance companies, such as drafting of wills, administration of estates and more.

Ulric Charteris, creative director at FCB Johannesburg, says the campaign encompasses a variety of elements, including an 8-minute infomercial on Etv – the first time FNB has used an infomercial to launch a product. Also included in the campaign are four 40-second spots, hived off as standalones from the informercial for flighting on SABC, TV news clocks, radio commercials and advertorials in selected daily press and lifestyle media.
These elements were complemented by a bumper sticker, leaflet, car sticker, in-branch posters, brochure and membership card. Copywriting was by Greg Cohen and art direction by Kevin Yong. Orcom Consulting was responsible for production.

‘The response generated by the campaign was immediate and extremely gratifying,’ Charteris says. ‘Within the first few days the call centre had logged well over 3 000 calls and signed up more than 800 members. This is all the more remarkable considering Law-on-Call is not a once-off product but a long-term legal assistance package.’