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TymeBank’s latest TVC series for its new offering, MoreTyme, engages in-store customers who are looking at a product but don’t have all the money to pay for it.

Communicating MoreTyme to the market has followed in the footsteps of TymeBank’s popular Skhokho campaign series, conceptualised by The King James Group.

Running since December 2020, the Skhokho campaign series comes to life through the embodiment of the ‘Skhokho seMali’ character by actor Mackmillian Leshomo.

With his amusing manner Skhokho explains how the purchase can be made in three parts (50% upfront, taking the goods home immediately and the rest over two months, interest free), making shopping for goods at partner merchants (instore and offline) affordable and accessible for South Africans.

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That’s Cleva

Appearing across digital, digital out of home, TVC, radio and social media, Skhokho exclaims ‘That’s Cleva’ when South Africans save on their bank fees or a purchase using TymeBank.

Linda Appie, TymeBank’s head of Marketing says that using the Skhokho seMali character was a natural way to communicate the interest-free credit product and carry on with the Skhokho national campaign series.

Skhokho refers to someone who is smart with money and that everyone respects and trusts.

“South Africans love Skhokho seMali. He is relatable, and people feel comfortable with him as they trust him, just like they do with a real-life Skhokho in their community who is smart with money and advises them how to be smart with theirs.

“Through his character, we’re educating South Africans on how they can save, and be ‘Cleva’ with their money.

“Mackmillian has managed to bring Skhokho to life in his own way in the TVC executions; he has become an influencer to the brand through his posts showing the TymeBank offering.

“He posts money tips on his own social media pages and people love his content and can relate to it. He’s doing it in a very genuine way and people are responding. We couldn’t have found a better Skhokho,” says Appie.

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Since Skhokho made his first appearance, the bank has increased its customer base to 4.2 million people and has seen improvements in brand power and salience scores.

The Skhokho campaign series has focuses on driving awareness of the TymeBank brand but more importantly educating customers or viewers about the brand’s key value propositions and to solve key customer pain.

Rolling out to more stores

Consumers can use MoreTyme to shop at Jet currently but will be rolling out MoreTyme into The Fix and Exact in early 2022 with more stores to follow.

“Our partnership with online partners such PayFast, Adumo and Innervation also opens up hundreds of online merchants that our customers can buy from. We are continuing to add to our range of brands monthly so that more South Africans can shop with MoreTyme at more stores.

“That’s Cleva,” concludes Appie.