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The August IDidThat Craft Awards were judged by chief creative officer at TBWA Hunt Lascaris, Peter Khoury and director and co-owner at They Shoot Films, Alan Irvin.

Every month teams up with ad industry leaders to award the finest in South African film and production craft across different categories: Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Animation and SFX, Online, Original Sound, Sound Design, and Final Mix. It’s just another way that we make it ridiculously easy to stay up-to-date with who’s doing the best work in the country.

Best in Craft (Direction) was awarded to Fausto Becatti from Bioscope Films by Irvin.

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Irvin said, “Fausto’s Spotify clinched it for me. Mainly because of overall attention to detail as a director, and a true understanding of the end product. There’s no real conceptual idea, but for a music platform, it’s exactly on point. Everything from the choice of shots, the lighting, editing, and in particular, the locations, were huge contributors to making a slick and well thought through the piece. Well done Fausto for excelling in the directing and mastering of these facets.”

Best in Craft (Direction) was awarded to Ross Garrett from Darling Films by Khoury.

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“When you tell a story you can use realism or symbolism. The majority of the stories we tell today embrace realism, I suppose it’s the time we’re living in. Ross, however always seems to bring an artful symbolism to his work that makes it captivating, ethereal and distinctive. Faral for Pam Golding is no different. The framing, edit, grade, VO and subject matter all combine to mesmerise you in a story worth watching,” said Khoury.

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