#YouthMonth: Thulani Sishi, cofounder of Gamedock

Next Generation Storytelling, cultural trends, flipping the script on Hollywood, new ways to build communities, the new Black Panther and Kill Your Darlings… enjoy another the exclusive daily update from the Grey and Savanna Cider team, direct from the Riviera.

The team had a jam-packed day, attended numerous talks, and took some time to enjoy the scenery that Cannes offers.

Next Generation Storytelling

First on the agenda was a stop at the Lumiere Theatre for Ryan Reynolds’ talk on Next Generation Storytelling.

Wendy Clark and Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds was speaking as chief creative officer of ad-tech firm, MNTN. He shared with the audience that his role as a global marketing supremo came about partly because of efforts to get his hit comic movie Deadpool off the ground.

Speaking with Wendy Clark, global CEO of Dentsu International, he says discussed the impact advertisers could make by embracing and reacting swiftly to cultural trends and using their brands to tell a story. Culture moves fast, and speed and humour from your creative agency are critical.

Reynolds said: “There is so much talent out there. We’re missing the opportunity. It’s totally selfish: I want better stories, and better stories are told through diversity, complex and unique perspectives, and opinions.”

Meta: Breaking Barriers and Building Community

Following this, the team attended the Meta: Breaking Barriers and Building Community talk with Oscar-winning actress, author, director and producer, Lupita Nyong’o, interviewed by Nicole Mendelsohn.

Nicole Medelsohn and Lupita Nyong’o

Completely blown away by her fantastic persona, the team is battling to articulate or summarise the many things she said… About flipping the script on Hollywood, new ways to build communities etc.

The one line we can report is: The secret is out – Black Panther II will be out on 11 November 2022!

Kill Your Darlings
On another note, Kill Your Darlings a documentary about modern advertising that’s bound to make some waves in the marketing industry also launched at Cannes.

An original idea by Per Pedersen and hero’ed by Anouk Jans, youngest female creative director ever in Germany, with interventions from legends such as Scott Galloway, Cindy Gallop, Trevor Robinson OBE, Anselmo Ramos, Bianca Guimaraes, Rob Reilly, Germany Lancaster, Nils Leonard, Mo Said, Tia Castagno and others.

[embedded content]

The good news is that the full documentary has been released on YouTube for all industry folk to watch in their own time. Watch the full documentary here

TikTok fun

Maija-Liina Hansen Chipps having fun at TikTok

Leaving Lumiere Theatre, the team had a fun afternoon playing around at TikTok and relaxing at the Twitter Beach.

Natasha Maharaj, Kushilla Thomas and Eugene Lenford at the Twitter Beach

After an enjoyable day of learning and experiencing new things, the team ended with a delicious dinner in the old town.

Source: bizcommunity.com