Cell C to overhaul its core IT systems to support strategy pivot

Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson

Cell C said on Wednesday that it is “transforming” its core business support system (BSS) as it pivots from being a traditional telecommunications operator to what it calls a “digital lifestyle company”.

The BSS transformation project, which is being led by Chinese equipment vendor Huawei, is aimed at “providing end users with an enhanced digital experience, allowing Cell C to evolve from a traditional mobile service provider to a modern technology company”, Cell C said in a statement.

The overhaul of the operator’s core IT systems are aimed at making them more flexible and capable of delivering “digital services and customer experience improvements”.

Cell C has commissioned Huawei to deploy a “cloud-native BSS solution” across its different business lines and customer segments.

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“Cell C is moving away from being a pure telco to a techco provider, and customer centricity is pivotal to this future,” said CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson in the statement.

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“Our IT systems need to be able to support us in this journey as we become a digital business with simpler business flows. This means removing complexities from our user journeys and being able to respond better to our customers’ needs.”

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The move to overhaul the company’s BSS platform comes just weeks after Cell C concluded a recapitalisation of its balance sheet, led by largest shareholder Blue Label Telecoms. Cell C described the recap is the “final and critical pillar” of its turnaround strategy, one that has put it on “a trajectory of growth and long-term sustainability”.  – © 2022 NewsCentral Media

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