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Are you a computer enthusiast, or in any way interested in PCs? Then Everything PC, TechCentral’s newest technology show — available in both video and audio podcast formats – is for you.

Aimed at anyone who wants a deep dive into the world of computers, Everything PC – hosted by Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretorius – explores everything from the silicon chips that power modern computers to the operating systems they run on.

In season 1, which is being launched later this week, McLeod and Pretorius explore the world of semiconductors, from the earliest Intel chips to the latest cutting-edge manufacturing nodes from Taiwan’s TSMC.

The first season of six episodes offers about 10 hours of content, delving deep into the complex but exciting world of silicon and the (sometimes ugly) competitive dynamics at play in the industry.

What’s coming in season 1

Episodes 1 and 2 take a detailed look at Advanced Micro Devices and why the company is at possibly the most excited juncture in its history — and why computer users should be salivating at what’s coming.

Episodes 3 and 4 look at Intel, how the pioneering company became the industry’s “Chipzilla”, then lost its way, and what happens next under the leadership of Pat Gelsinger.

Episode 5 is dedicated to Nvidia, the graphics giant, its rise to become one of the biggest players in the semiconductor industry, and how its past business practices could come back to haunt it.

And finally, episode 6 unpacks what Apple, the new kid of the silicon block, is doing with its own silicon designs. It’s an exciting time to be a Mac user, and Everything PC unpacks exactly what Apple silicon means for the company, for its legions of fans – and for the rest of the industry.

Season 1 of Everything PC will be released weekly over the next six weeks. A second season is planned for later in the year.

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