Impact Series | Tesh Durvasula on the African data centre opportunity

Tesh Durvasula

Africa Data Centres’ newly appointed CEO, Tesh Durvasula, says investment in ICT in Africa is creating nearly boundless opportunities for growth.

Investments in new undersea cables, terrestrial fibre networks and data centres – the latter led by companies like ADC – is helping meet fast-expanding demand from a youthful African population that is coming online for the first time.

Speaking on TechCentral’s new Impact Series technology show, Durvasula explains why he thinks population trends are fuelling infrastructure investments in ICT.

He unpacks the investments that Africa Data Centres, fresh with funding from the US International Development Finance Corporation through its parent, Cassava Technologies, is making on the continent – including expansion into Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Morocco.

In the interview, Durvasula also talks about:

  • His career background and how he came to Africa Data Centres;
  • How Cassava Technologies is structured and how Africa Data Centres works with other companies in the group;
  • The size of Africa Data Centres today and its plans to build new data centres across Africa;
  • Why new data centre builds are becoming increasingly focused around population centres rather than centres of biggest GDP;
  • The power-supply challenges associated with building data centres on the continent;
  • How new submarine cables like Equiano are going to change the ball game; and
  • Technology trends driving cloud adoption in Africa.

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