iPhone 13, Watch Series 7: Apple unveils its latest gadgets

Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing the new iPhone models

Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 and a new iPad mini on Tuesday, expanding 5G connectivity and showing off faster chips and sharper cameras without raising the phone’s pricing.

The company did not announce any blockbuster features or products, but analysts expect customers hanging onto older models like the iPhone X will be eager to upgrade.

The iPhone 13 will have a new chip called the A15 Bionic to power features like automatically detecting when the phone’s camera is pointed at text, and a Cinematic mode for automatically changing focus while taking videos. Apple said the iPhone 13 will have custom 5G antennas and radio components for faster speeds and will come in five colours.

The phone will start at US$699. The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 and the Pro Max starts at $1 099. All three models will be available on 24 September in the US. South African pricing and a launch date have not yet been announced.

“The competition is still playing catch-up to our chips — not just from last year, but even from two years ago,” said Kaiann Drance, an Apple iPhone marketing executive.

The iPhone is Apple’s most important product, but Apple has rolled out a web of service and other products that are seen as locking customers into a system they enjoy — and would find expensive to leave.

The Series 7 smartwatch will feature a larger display and faster charging. It will start at $399 and be available later this spring.

iPad updates

The company also updated its iPad mini with 5G connectivity and a reworked design that makes it look like the higher-end iPad Air and Pro models. Apple also updated its base-model iPad with a new camera for working and learning from home. The base model iPad starts at $329, and the mini starts at $499. Both will be available next week in  the US.

Apple shares were down 1.6%, a sharper fall than a slight downturn in broader markets.

“It seems like there’s nothing really revolutionary announced, but of course, as usual, they announced enough improvements to at least generate some enthusiasm among consumers,” said Rick Meckler, partner at family investment office Cherry Lane Investments.

The iPhone 13 Pro’s camera setup. Image: Apple

Apple’s biggest product launch of the year comes as some of the shine has come off its stock as business practices such as charging software developers commissions on in-app payments have come under regulatory scrutiny.

Apple shares were up about 15.6% year to date, trailing the Nasdaq Composite Index, which was up nearly 19% over the same period.

Kim Forrest, founder and chief investment officer at Bokeh Capital, said she was not concerned by the lack of splashy, unexpected products, since Apple’s upgrades would keep customers. “I think the consumer, once it gets the Apple chip in its head, it’s very hard to dislodge,” she said.

The Apple Watch has become a cornerstone of its $30.6-billion accessories segment, which was up 25% in Apple’s most recent fiscal year even as its iPhone revenue declined slightly. Analysts widely believe that Apple users who buy more than one product — such as an Apple Watch and iPhone — are more likely to stick with the brand and spend on the company’s apps and services.  — Reported by Stephen Nellis, with additional reporting by Caroline Valetkevitch, Nivedita Balu, Nishara Karuvalli Pathikkal, Ashwini Raj and Taru Jain, (c) 2021 Reuters

Source: techcentral.co.za