Joburg formally seeks private power to end load shedding

Mpho Phalatse

Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic hub and its richest city, is seeking electricity supply from private generators to reduce the amount of scheduled power outages.

The local government and City Power issued a request for short-term power purchase agreements of as long as 36 months, according to a statement.

“A city whose contribution to the national economy is almost 16%, while making up 40% of Gauteng’s economy, cannot be left without energy for hours on end,” said Johannesburg mayor Mpho Phalatse.

Eskom, the embattled state power utility, has imposed 160 days of power outages this year. That has municipalities scrambling for alternatives.

Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa, earlier this year called for supply from independent producers and has issued a tender to build its first grid-connected solar plant.

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City Power buys 90% of its electricity from Eskom with the balance coming from Kelvin Power Station.  — (c) 2022 Bloomberg LP

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