TC|Daily | A R3-million TV, and everything else coming from Samsung

Samsung’s Justin Hume, left, and Mike van Lier

How would you like a R3-million TV in your living room? Samsung Electronics is happy to oblige – and they’ll even help you install it.

Next year, the Korean consumer electronics giant will launch its new range of ultra-high-premium micro-LED televisions in South Africa – and the top-end model, which measures a staggering 126 inches, will set you back a cool three bar. If that’s too much moolah, a 76-inch model is all yours for “just” R1.5-million.

In this episode of TC|Daily, Samsung vice president for mobile in South Africa Justin Hume and his colleague, Mike van Lier, consumer electronics director, join Duncan McLeod in-studio to chat not only about TVs aimed at wealthiest of the wealthy, but also about the more mass market-friendly products that the Korean electronics giant is bringing to the local market soon.

Hume kicks off the discussion with his views on the local smartphone market, what is driving consumer behaviour, why he thinks upgrade cycles are going to quicken, and why Samsung is all-in on folding phones.

Are foldables really the future of smartphones? Will folding phones ever reach down into the mass market? What are the trends in the middle tier and the low end of the market? And is government right to want to switch off 2G and 3G networks in South Africa? Hume answers all these questions, and more.

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Van Lier then takes TC|Daily viewers and listeners through the company’s latest TVs – including those micro-LED monsters – and why he thinks 8K is going to be come the new standard in display technology in the home, displacing 4K by the end of this decade.

Van Lier also talks about the imminent launch of Samsung’s OLED sets in South Africa, and how these differ from its QLED technology. Other topics of discussion include a discussion about the interconnected home and the work Samsung is doing to connect your appliances and your smartphone to create an intelligent ecosystem.

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