TC|Daily | Uncapped fibre for R5/day – Isizwe’s big gambit

Steve Briggs

Kayamandi, a township next to Stellenbosch, is the subject of two interesting broadband experiments, which, if they succeed, could transform the way South Africans – and the world – connect to the Internet.

The township is the site of two fibre deployments, one being led by Vumatel and the other by Isizwe.

Both companies are experimenting with driving down the price of uncapped high-speed fibre to previously unheard-of levels – as low as R5/day in the case of Isizwe.

In this episode of TC|Daily, Isizwe CEO Steve Briggs – a well-known figure in South Africa’s ICT industry, and most recently a senior executive at Seacom – chats to TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod about the company’s Kayamandi deployment.

Briggs unpacks the lessons Isizwe has learnt so far, what uptake has been like in the township, how the technology works and what the business case is for delivering ultra-cheap uncapped Internet into traditionally underserviced areas.

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He also explains the mechanics of the service and how it works, including Isizwe’s relationship with PayGoZo and VulaCoin, as well as what happens next if the Kayamandi project is successful – and early indications are that it will be – and why it could even prove transformative for South Africa and other emerging markets.

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